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Leading with Limited Resources- Is it Good for Your Association?

Never had I thought that working with limited resources could be viewed in a positive light, especially when leading an association. That was until I attended the Federated Insurance (Federated) ( annual conference for association executives. I have been enlightened and am excited to share this eye-opening experience. I was fortunate enough to attend Federated’s […]

The Benefits of Supporting Higher Education for Your Association

Association Awards I recently attended an awards luncheon on behalf of one of our association management client for whom I serve as Association Manager. This association supports an annual award that recognizes students graduating from a technical program, and provides them with funds to purchase tools within their selected trade. The students are selected based […]

The Rapid Pace of Change: The Association Challenge

I recently attended the kick off breakfast for the Electrical Association of Manitoba’s annual conference. The opening speeches were very typical with a Minister from the provincial government talking about industry, and the president of the association thanking everyone for attending and discussing the expectations for the next two days. The more interesting aspect of […]

Communicating the Value Proposition of Association Membership

Having members helping to recruit new members and retain existing members can be a challenge for many associations across a variety of industries and professions. The question “What’s in it for me?”is a fairly frequent (but often unstated) response. Return on Investment of Association Membership Members are constantly weighing the return on their investment for […]

The Power of Thinking on Your Feet

Dealing with the unexpected is a big part of the job for a chief staff officer and board members in the association world. Adapting and problem solving are valuable skills when running a successful association. As an association management company (AMC), we work with many associations and dealing with the unexpected is inevitable. I recently […]

Relationship Building with Association Stakeholders

Communication, communication and communication, is the key to creating strong ties with the stakeholders of your association. It may sound obvious but knowing who your stakeholders are, and then opening up a solid flow of information between them, is crucial to the success of any association. As an association management company (AMC) we have a […]

How Important are Association By-laws?

By-laws are a very important component of a not-for-profit association. All boards operate based on the member-approved by-laws of the organization. By-laws define how the organization is structured and run, and as mentioned in a previous blog, associations can also develop a series of policy statements, which add further clarity to association operations ( Association […]

How National Associations Can Benefit Their Provincial Counterparts

Does the voice of a national association make your provincial association stronger? If so, what are the benefits of being a provincial association that has a national association representing your industry or profession? Provincial associations are made up of local members and stakeholders that have a need or common goal within an industry/profession. Many associations […]

Strategic Planning for Associations: How Much and How Often?

Strategic Planning is an important exercise that most, if not all, associations go through. When, and how often can depend on the industry you are in and how rapidly change occurs within your sector. One of the most important starting points for any association when undertaking strategic planning is to engage a consultant that has […]