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How QuickBooks Can Work for Your Association

No matter what type of association you are managing, keeping accurate financial records is essential. Keeping your accounting records organized is important for many reasons, including a quick and low-cost audit or review engagement and being able to get useable information when it is needed to help manage your association. QuickBooks is one of the […]

The Importance of Association Policy and Procedure Manuals

Do your staff know the difference between policies and procedures? Policies are the rules for the association. They state appropriate standards of action and behavior for all employees. Procedures are the instructions for the association. They describe who does the task, what steps must be performed, when those steps should be performed, and how the […]

How Bad Design Can Hurt Your Event

Event budgets can often be tight so cutting professional design out of the event budget is sometimes seen as an easy way to save some money. There are dozens of free online design tools that promise to make anyone design like a professional. While these programs can often be useful, in the end they are […]

Incorporating Mobile Tours in Your Conference Program

We are seeing more and more association conferences incorporate mobile tours as part of their conference programming. A mobile tour is an educational session that takes your delegates offsite to a location(s) outside of your regular conference space. They are most typically either walking tours or bus tours. Keep reading for some tips on how […]

My First In-Person Association Board Meeting

Getting Comfortable After working as an association coordinator for six months, I am starting to feel comfortable in my role. I have learned how to respond to more complicated requests and to solve unexpected problems. I have become comfortable with the membership management system that we use. And I’m getting the hang of certain unique […]

Association Leadership Creates A Top Performing Association

One key is the relationship between the board chair and chief staff officer The best sign of a healthy association is a strong partnership between the board chair and the chief staff officer (often called Executive Director). Strong partnerships are fostered by maintaining an open stream of communication, by collaborating to achieve organizational goals, and […]

Internal Data Breaches, Human Error and No-Cost Cyber Security Tactics for Your Association

One in four security breaches are caused by human error, according to IBM’s 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index. Could one person’s error can cause a breach which would affect 100% of your association’s members? Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent human error, but you can use these helpful tips to protect your association and […]

Speaker Agreements – The Key to a Great Association Event

An event planner’s relationship with a speaker for an association conference often starts with a formal speaker agreement. With this being the initial interaction with the speaker, you want to make sure you get off on the right foot and ensure the details of the engagement are clear and concise. What is included in the […]