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Improving Your Run of Show: Interviewing the Expert Technicians

A Run of Show, is a document that contains all the on-stage details of your show/event. It often includes things like timing of presentations, whether those presentations have videos or PowerPoint presentations associated with them, lighting cues, audio cues, etc. A cue-to-cue is a dress rehearsal for your event where you go through and action […]

When to introduce a new product or service to your association

Member retention is an important area of focus for every association. Ensuring that your members are receiving value for their membership is a key to retaining existing members and recruiting new members. Many times, this means that the association should be identifying changing needs of members and introducing a new product or service that addresses […]

How to Write Things That Will Actually Get Read – Part 2

Recently, I was on a call regarding anti-spam legislation (for more information). The mandated “Unsubscribe” button make me think about how valuable, and precarious, member engagement is for associations. With the advent of email, all it takes is literally a click of a button for your members to “Unsubscribe” from your communication. We know how […]

Selecting A Credit Card Processor for Your Association

Sixty to seventy-five percent of the revenue received by our association management clients is by way of credit card payment. If you can determine the total cost of credit card processing when comparing processors—which is very hard to do—you may find that the company offering the lowest processing rates or fees is not necessarily the […]

The Board Meeting Menu: Tips on How to Create a Streamlined Agenda for a Successful Association Board Meeting

When you go to a restaurant, you expect your experience to be organized and in order. You expect things such as timing, delivery and taste to be done right. Imagine sitting down to a multi-course dinner and the kitchen is falling behind, the food portions are too large, or an important ingredient was left off […]

Association Accounting Versus Business Accounting – What’s the Difference?

Association accounting is an area that may be confusing to some because the standards are slightly different than for a typical for-profit business. Not-for-profit associations can be run similarly to for-profit businesses in that they both have revenue, expenses, clients, directors, employees, etc. Yet, there are some key differences in the way the accounting is […]

Why your association should use a graphic standards guide

What is a graphic standards guide? A graphic-standards guide, (which can also be knowns as a brand style guide,  brand identity guide, corporate identity guide, etc., etc.) gives an overview, best use practices, and examples for the visual identity of your brand. Contents of a standards guide can include direction on everything from stationery, colours, and […]

Member Retention & Personality Types

Member retention is very important for the long-term viability of every association (we discussed this in a previous article that can be found at: ). Figuring out how to retain members can be daunting at times as it is always important to remember that you want quality members – not just any member you […]