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Three Tips to Prepare for a Smooth Membership Audit

Professional associations and colleges often require members to maintain continuing education points (CEPs) throughout their career to ensure that they remain current in their knowledge and are aware of technological, practical, and scientific advancements in their industry. To avoid losing their professional designation, members are required to earn a certain number of points during a […]

Benefits of Renewing Membership

We are now living in a frequently evolving world where there are constant changes taking place all the time, all around us. Having easy, quick access to information that will help individuals in their industry and careers is of utmost importance to ensure that the highest standards are met, and customers are receiving the best […]

Is Your Association A High-Performance Association?

Has the performance of your association been thoroughly evaluated? How do you know if it is time to begin the process of progressing your association into a high-performance association? High-performance associations possess the following key characteristics: The vision and mission of the association are owned and shared by all stakeholders Strategy is performance-based and the […]

“We Have Met the Enemy, and S/He is Us”: Reducing Damage from Accidental Data Losses and Preventable Theft

Associations are tempting targets for hackers. The two most valuable assets that make associations tempting targets for hackers are lists of members that often include date of birth and credit card numbers. Your association, if it collects more detailed personal information, may be an especially tempting target for hackers who steal identities. No-Cost/Low-Cost Data Protection […]

Association Event Planning Tips – An In Depth Interview with DMOs

Event managers partner with a number of suppliers to ensure the success of an association conference or special event. One of the first partnerships for many successful events is with the destination marketing organization (DMO). A DMO is responsible for promoting a city in order to increase tourism and convention sales. The DMO is likely […]

The More You Know: How to Better Support the Board with Greater Association Knowledge

Everyone has room to grow when it comes to learning more about their workplace and environment. While some people may choose to get by with minimal knowledge of their surroundings, it is my belief that one should not simply be aware and attempt to get by, but instead, truly grasp and understand what it is […]

How QuickBooks Can Work for Your Association

No matter what type of association you are managing, keeping accurate financial records is essential. Keeping your accounting records organized is important for many reasons, including a quick and low-cost audit or review engagement and being able to get useable information when it is needed to help manage your association. QuickBooks is one of the […]