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Maintaining Association Member Engagement in a Socially Distant World: An Interview

In this interview, Sandra Harssar, an executive member of the Promotional Products Professionals of Canada (PPPC), discusses her journey as a board member and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected association member engagement and involvement. Q: What prompted you to run for a position on the board? Sandra: I was always interested in trade shows […]

Board/Senior Staff Optimal Levels of Engagement: How Do You Assess Them?

Engagement is such a crucial factor in managing the new world where the COVID-19 pandemic exists. There are lots of discussions taking place regarding your association members’ financial health and how the pandemic will affect this year’s results and next year’s projections. Before the world paused due to the pandemic, I attended the 2020 Symposium […]

The Difference Between an Audit and a Review Engagement

Audits and Review Engagements are the typical year-end services offered by professional accountants to association and not-for-profit clients. For an association, the by-laws may dictate which type of service is required. If they do not, the type of service you require will depend on the degree of assurance you need to ensure that the financial […]

Five Ways to Increase Association Board Member Engagement

One of the challenges facing associations today is association board member engagement. It’s critical that board members feel engaged and are actively involved in the important and useful undertakings of the organization. Board members are an association’s internal champions and ensuring they are active and keen to participate is the lifeblood of a strong association. […]

Pre-Audit Planning: Getting Ready for the Yearend Audit/Review Engagement

How easy or hard, how long or short, how much or how little your association’s audit/review engagement 1 will be is in up to your organization—not the external accountant. You can take control of the audit process by meeting with the audit partner/manager and person doing the fieldwork—before the audit begins. This meeting with people […]

Association Volunteer Engagement – How to Make it Meaningful

Making volunteer engagement meaningful is crucial to many associations success and how they move towards their strategic goals. Why people volunteer is one of the main questions organizations need to ask when engaging volunteers. Some volunteer because they are passionate about a subject or issue, some because they are asked by a friend or colleague, […]

Case Study: Leading a Longtime Client into a Virtual World

A long-time client who holds an annual educational conference for its professional members did not want to lose a year of presenting new procedures and treatments to their members due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They knew they would not be able hold a three day in-person conference with live presentations and exhibitions in 2020, but […]

How to Make new Association Members Feel Welcomed

When a new member joins an association, they should be welcomed and provided with guidance to connect with other members. Making an association a welcoming environment is essential for recruiting new members but also for keeping the members you have! In this article, I will explore four essential components to increasing your association’s attraction aspect: […]

Is it time your Association Hosts an Indigenous Sharing Circle?

Our society is currently adapting to the restrictions and guidelines of the COVID-19 pandemic while confronting the systematic oppression of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC). Our associations are not unaffected by present events, and issues affecting members cannot be ignored. It is difficult to invoke instant change across a nation, but if every […]