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Association Board Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics: Why are they so Important?

As an Association Executive, I’ve been in many situations where a board of director’s Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics were valuable tools in board related issues. Recent events spurred me to write this article to emphasize the importance of incorporating these two documents into an association’s board member orientations, ensuring that they are […]

The Best-Intentioned Association Boards Can Get Sidetracked

A lot of thought and energy goes into preparing the agenda for an association’s board of directors meeting, but without proper planning and structure, a strong board can easily lose track of priorities throughout the meeting. How to plan an agenda and how to ensure that board members arrive prepared is equally about respecting fellow […]

Managing Tough Board Conversations

Whether you are the Chair of an association board of directors, or the chief staff officer (Executive Director), facilitating tough conversations at the board level isn’t always easy. The best way to handle tough conversations is through open and transparent dialogue and, whenever possible, by arranging face to face meetings. It is important that the […]

Preparing a new Board to Perform

For many associations, board turnover is perpetual. This can be great for an association but can also be disruptive. It is important to be prepared for a new group of volunteers and to empower them to use their capabilities to perform to the best of their ability, ultimately resulting in little or no disruption to […]

Diversity in the Association Boardroom

Association boards are given the responsibility of taking the best interest of its collective membership into consideration while making knowledgeable and well thought-out decisions. Often these decisions made around the boardroom table are of a strategic nature that may alter or transform the future outlook of the association. One characteristic of a board’s inner workings […]

Just Do It: Evaluating Your Chief Executive Officer or Executive Director

Evaluation of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Executive Director (ED) is as important as evaluating your own board members and their performance as directors. The CEO/ED performance is key to achieving the goals of your association. As a board it is important to regularly evaluate your CEO/ED in a constructive way. Including the CEO/ED in all […]

Five Organizations You Need to Inform When Your Association Board Members Change

The purpose of this article is to identify the five key notifications required when your association board members change, so that all those who should be notified are told on a timely basis. Adding or Removing an Association Board Member The requirements are the same if there is a new person joining the current association […]