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Diversity in the Association Boardroom

Association boards are given the responsibility of taking the best interest of its collective membership into consideration while making knowledgeable and well thought-out decisions. Often these decisions made around the boardroom table are of a strategic nature that may alter or transform the future outlook of the association. One characteristic of a board’s inner workings […]

Just Do It: Evaluating Your Chief Executive Officer or Executive Director

Evaluation of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Executive Director (ED) is as important as evaluating your own board members and their performance as directors. The CEO/ED performance is key to achieving the goals of your association. As a board it is important to regularly evaluate your CEO/ED in a constructive way. Including the CEO/ED in all […]

Five Organizations You Need to Inform When Your Association Board Members Change

The purpose of this article is to identify the five key notifications required when your association board members change, so that all those who should be notified are told on a timely basis. Adding or Removing an Association Board Member The requirements are the same if there is a new person joining the current association […]

New Board Member Survival Guide

The purpose of this article is to provide new not-for-profit board members with suggestions of where to obtain the information you may need to fulfill your new new role and make a positive difference to your organization. Your Legal Responsibilities “The Board of Directors is accountable to the members [not-for-profit corporations have “members”, not “shareholders”]. […]

Assessing External & Internal Environments as Board Members

I recently attended a board professional development session with board members from an association that we manage and I found it a very worthwhile session for both myself and for the board members. It very clearly outlined the roles of, and the relationship between, the board members versus the chief staff officer (Executive Director or […]

Protect Who You Are!

Professional associations spend a lot of time strategizing about who they are, where they are going in the future, and creating mission and vision statements for the profession that defines the members that they serve. As a professional association; are you doing all that you can do to protect who your members are and what […]