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Cash Flow Management for Volunteer Board Members

As the accounting manager of an association management company, one challenge that I have encountered is that most volunteer association board members do not have a diverse accounting knowledge or background. Most people have an idea of how to manage their personal finances, but this is likely being done on more of a cash in, […]

Opportunities for Associations to Reduce Expenses While Improving Service

This purpose of this article is to suggest tactics to obtain the best price, for the correct product, from the right supplier. Determining the best price involves much more that just finding the lowest price. Do You Always Ask Your Suppliers If They Have Special Pricing for Associations or Registered Charities? Many suppliers of goods […]

GST/HST: What Your Association or Registered Charity Needs to Know

 “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers accountants.” These words were not spoken by the butcher in Shakespeare’s Henry The Sixth Part 2, rather they are from the mouth of a new treasurer of a not-for-profit association or registered charity who mistakenly thought that taxes and not-for-profit are mutually exclusive. Unfortunately, “exempt […]

How Good Is Your Association Record Keeping?

A standardized file folder naming system, for both electronic and hard copy/paper documents, has many benefits that go beyond making it easier to find things, such as efficiency in training new staff, and reduced misfiling. Below is an overview of the system used by Strauss for association record keeping that you might find valuable as […]

Sales Tax on Association Sponsorships and Tradeshow Booths

Sponsorships The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has a published a guide GST/HST Information for Non-Profit Organizations; however, its section on sponsorships does not offer clear-cut information about sales tax on sponsorships. As an association management company, we add GST/HST to all sponsorships sold by our association clients, except under very special circumstances. We urge you […]

Insurance: What Event Planners Need to Consider When Organizing an Association Event

Your organization or association needs the protection insurance offers, for all of its events, even if you believe “there is no way that we could be at fault.” There are several varieties of insurance – read on to find out which (and possibly all) are right for your event. Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance “A […]