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Preparing a new Board to Perform

For many associations, board turnover is perpetual. This can be great for an association but can also be disruptive. It is important to be prepared for a new group of volunteers and to empower them to use their capabilities to perform to the best of their ability, ultimately resulting in little or no disruption to […]

The Importance of Staying on Top of Association Trends

Every industry has trends that affect the future of the industry and its stakeholders. In association management it is very important to stay on top of trends and to implement change to the association while having little disruption. How do trends positively influence associations and why is it so important to be a leading association […]

How to Determine When to Introduce a New Program or Service to Your Association

Members of associations across all professions are finding it increasingly difficult to rationalize membership and return on investment in belonging to an organization. Associations need to identify the needs of members and adapt operations to what necessitates paying annual dues. Many times, it is either necessary to implement a new service into your member benefits […]

Research in Association Management

Associations need to conduct research on a regular basis throughout the operational year. There are many reasons for this, such as measuring the effectiveness of products and services and identifying areas where new services can be offered to association members. An association needs to ensure that it is constantly evaluating both its performance, and the […]

Incorporating a Human Resources Plan into your Association’s Strategic Plan – Part II

As mentioned in my last blog article, a strategic human resources plan is a process that identifies current and future human resources needs for an association to meet its vision and mission. To ensure your association is performing at its highest level, there should be a link between human resources management and the strategic plan […]

Incorporating a Strategic Human Resources Plan into your Association

Most associations have a strategic plan that guides the association in the execution of the vision and mission of the association. Having a strategic plan helps to place the association in the category of being a high-performing association. Characteristics of a high performing association are: The vision and mission of the association are believed and […]

When to introduce a new product or service to your association

Member retention is an important area of focus for every association. Ensuring that your members are receiving value for their membership is a key to retaining existing members and recruiting new members. Many times, this means that the association should be identifying changing needs of members and introducing a new product or service that addresses […]

Is Your Association A High-Performance Association?

Has the performance of your association been thoroughly evaluated? How do you know if it is time to begin the process of progressing your association into a high-performance association? High-performance associations possess the following key characteristics: The vision and mission of the association are owned and shared by all stakeholders Strategy is performance-based and the […]

Association Leadership Creates A Top Performing Association

One key is the relationship between the board chair and chief staff officer The best sign of a healthy association is a strong partnership between the board chair and the chief staff officer (often called Executive Director). Strong partnerships are fostered by maintaining an open stream of communication, by collaborating to achieve organizational goals, and […]

In-Person vs. Teleconference Association Annual General Meetings Which is the Better Method?

Recently we were in a situation where a regularly planned in-person Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a national association couldn’t take place as part of a traditional conference. Our option was to hold a telephone meeting to bring members together in a less traditional way. During this process we discovered many pros and cons for […]