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Why Survey Members of an Association?

Members are the lifeblood of associations. Without members, an association would cease to exist. An association’s members are its most valuable asset and bring the life, the drive, and the mission to associations. An association depends on a strong membership to ensure its continued success; therefore, it is important to confirm that the members are […]

Preparing for Meetings Held During an Association’s Annual Conference

Just as you might hold an annual backyard BBQ or a yearly food drive, an association will host its annual conference. This tends to be an association management team’s busiest time of the year. Not only does the event manager have to plan and prepare all that is involved in the conference itself, but other […]

The Board Meeting Menu: Tips on How to Create a Streamlined Agenda for a Successful Association Board Meeting

When you go to a restaurant, you expect your experience to be organized and in order. You expect things such as timing, delivery and taste to be done right. Imagine sitting down to a multi-course dinner and the kitchen is falling behind, the food portions are too large, or an important ingredient was left off […]

The More You Know: How to Better Support the Board with Greater Association Knowledge

Everyone has room to grow when it comes to learning more about their workplace and environment. While some people may choose to get by with minimal knowledge of their surroundings, it is my belief that one should not simply be aware and attempt to get by, but instead, truly grasp and understand what it is […]

You’re Ready for the Board Meeting, But Are the Board Members?

Directors of association boards are volunteers. They have full-time jobs, personal lives and they are not being paid for their time and responsibilities. It is important to take this into consideration when working with them as an association employee. Here are a few tips to ensure that both you and the association’s volunteer directors are […]