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Identifying and Mentoring Future Association Board Leaders

Recruiting and identifying future association board members and leaders should not be a seasonal activity for associations, rather it should be top of mind all year long. Progressive associations add “future leadership” as a standing agenda item at every board meeting to keep this on everyone’s radar, instead of simply addressing it a few months […]

The Importance of Role Clarity for Association Boards and Committees

I recently attended the Symposium for Chief Staff and Elected Officers led by Glenn Tecker and presented by the Canadian Society of Association Executives. This is an event that I attend each year with a volunteer leader from one of the associations that we manage as an association management company (AMC). While the content does […]

Association Memberships that Deliver Value

It should go without saying, members want value for their membership dues Times have changed and people no longer feel the need to belong to an association, rather they see themselves as customers of an association. For some generations, the desire to belong is enough, but more and more of today’s potential association members are […]

Turning Around Frustrated Volunteers

Even for the best run associations, inevitably a bump in the road will appear, seemingly out of nowhere. A variety of things can pop-up to surprise or derail a successful association, and how these situations are handled by the Executive Director or Chair, is the sign of the association’s leadership strength. Your association is looking […]

Perception is Reality – Managing Conflicts at the Board Table

As an association management company, we advise boards of directors on many issues, including managing conflicts of interest. In an earlier article, Are You in a Conflict of Interest?, Geoff Powell addresses the broad elements of conflict of interest and how to manage them (he also includes references to association management tools on this topic). […]

Signature Events – A Way to Tell Your Story

One of the most important elements of a signature event is that it tells an organization’s story in a way that is compelling to current and potential donors or stakeholders. The greatest and most commonly missed opportunity of signature events is that they focus only on fundraising and miss out on the opportunity to tell […]

Association Partnerships

Associations are in the partnership business – they bring people together. No matter the structure or level of formality of the relationship, successful associations facilitate and build strong partnerships for the profession or industry they represent, for their members and for their stakeholders. As well as those partnerships that associations are designed to create, associations […]

Teleconference Based Annual General Meetings

The Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (CNCA) which now governs many federally incorporated not-for-profit organizations (associations, charities, etc.) allows for Annual General Meetings of Members (AGMs) and Special Meetings of Members to be held for the first time via teleconference or other electronic means. It is important to note that federally incorporated not-for-profit organizations have until […]