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Association Meetings and Conferences are Better with A Physical Fitness Element Part 2 – You’ve Identified a Need, Now How to Incorporate It.

Coralee A. Dolyniuk, Association Manager, and Certified Fitness Professional. In my last article, I wrote on the importance of meeting the needs of participants in our event and association meetings by adding a physical activity component. As a society we are entering the trend of activity tracking, HITT training, Cross Fit etc. and we need […]

Association Meetings and Conferences are Better with A Physical Fitness Element

As a part time fitness professional I have a vested interest in the scientific evidence of the benefits of a daily physical activity, and am confident that adding a fitness component to your association meetings and conferences will create a positive response. If you look at people’s wrists, you will see a high percentage of […]

Transitioning to a New Association Role – 5 Quick Tips

Lately I have been having casual conversations with friends and contacts about situations we have all gone through when we’ve changed positions within our workplaces. I’ve heard stories of absolute chaos, confusion and many triumphs. The purpose of this article is to help prepare you for a smooth transition. I have recently changed roles, from […]

Averting A Tight Flip Disaster

Sometimes venue sales people do not understand the challenges of a tight flip caused by back-to-back events in their venues. A recent issue I experienced was finding out from a venue that they had sold our space for an unrelated event that was occurring IN BETWEEN our event programing. The venue sold the space on […]

The Importance of Clear, Concise and Timely Communication

When working with committees or clients for national associations from various time zones, communication tends to be done through email. Have you ever worked with someone who communicated with you about the event solely by cc’ing you on emails? And this person then assumed you knew everything that was being communicated? Perhaps you are this […]

Never Forget the Importance of a Thank You

There are many urgent items that need to be completed in order to wrap up an event and it is important that you do not forget to acknowledge those who helped make the event a reality. Thank you letters should be sent to sponsors and exhibitors shortly after the event has finished. Even though their […]

Event Planning Without Advance Notice

Have you ever been in the situation where the funding you requested to host an event comes in at the final hour? Now what? How do you execute the planning of an event without sufficient advance notice? You know that your association would benefit significantly by creating an opportunity for professionals in your industry to […]

Tips for Becoming a Great Host City

An event may last only a few days, but the planning process can begin years in advance. Many annual conferences begin their planning two or more years before the event date. For national conferences which move from city to city each year, the event planner and the event chair can benefit greatly by attending the […]