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Preventing Groupthink within Association’s Boards

My last blog article entitled Diversity in the Association Boardroom focused on ways to assist an association in building an appropriately diverse board. This article will continue along a similar theme and is focused on the psychological phenomenon known as Groupthink. Groupthink, a term defined by social psychologist Irving Janis, occurs when a group makes […]

Diversity in the Association Boardroom

Association boards are given the responsibility of taking the best interest of its collective membership into consideration while making knowledgeable and well thought-out decisions. Often these decisions made around the boardroom table are of a strategic nature that may alter or transform the future outlook of the association. One characteristic of a board’s inner workings […]

Five Ways to Increase Association Board Member Engagement

One of the challenges facing associations today is association board member engagement. It’s critical that board members feel engaged and are actively involved in the important and useful undertakings of the organization. Board members are an association’s internal champions and ensuring they are active and keen to participate is the lifeblood of a strong association. […]