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Five Things to Do During the Quiet Months

The crazy, busy event season has just wrapped up, all financials have been settled, and final reports have been submitted to the association leaders. Now what? It is difficult to switch gears and adjust to not having to work at such a hectic pace. Issues and client requests are not as pressing or time sensitive […]

A Focus on the New Attendee Experience

Generally association event managers focus on improving the event or conference based on previous years. They use post-event survey results to gain feedback from attendees and make slight changes based on that data – and this process works well. However, the focus is solely on existing event attendees and their impressions of the previous event […]

RFPs for Association Conferences – What to Ask and How to Ask It

One of the first steps in the association event planning process is venue selection. Whether the event is being planned for a local or national association, the need to book space early is often a requirement. Because of the growing availability and flexibility of meeting spaces, there will likely be a number of host venues […]

Reading and Understanding AV Quotes

With new developments in technology and more options becoming available to association event managers, audiovisual (AV) is becoming an increasingly complex piece of the conference and special event planning process. However daunting it may appear, it is important to take the time to understand the various components that make up an AV quote and ensure […]

Working with the Association Planning Committee to Confirm Speakers

A number of key event planning tasks rely on a finalized program: marketing of the event, food and beverage planning, audio visual requirements, etc. Because of this, it is important to finalize the program as early on in the planning process as possible. The biggest component of finalizing a program generally revolves around speakers. How […]

Changing Association Committee Members – How to Ensure a Seamless Transition

Committee members are a vital part of any association. As important as committee members are, they come with one consistent issue and that is that committee members are not permanent. Effective processes need to be put in place to address the issue of changing committee members in order to ensure seamless transitions and continual flow […]

Board Meeting Action Items – How to Effectively Manage the Never-Ending List

Association board meetings can happen virtually or in-person, they can be monthly, quarterly or annually, and they can have a specific focus or touch on several different topics. In such a flexible board meeting structure, one thing that remains certain is that board meetings generally result in a lot of work. With our association clients, […]

Introducing Social Media to a Reluctant Association

The power of social media is undeniable. When used properly, social media is a great tool to increase awareness, promote membership, advertise and facilitate upcoming events, and connect members with similar associations or groups. Although the benefits may seem obvious, not all associations are keen to jump on the social media movement. If you work […]

Information Sharing Tips for Associations

It is typical of an event and association management company to be managing several events and/or association events simultaneously. In such a busy environment, it is easy to become disconnected to the other events being organized in the office. Each event can run almost exclusively from another as well as the staff involved. While this […]