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Sophie Brandt-Murenzi

Association Coordinator
(204) 975-8211

Sophie’s many skills include time management, multitasking, and communication. Handling a variety of duties with Strauss ranging from accounts payable to governance administration, Fluent in English and French, Sophie has proved herself as a jill-of-all-trades since September 2019.

With experience working in hospitality and as an educational assistant, Sophie’s background allowed her to develop the skills required to succeed in her current role. Patient and kind, she can connect with anyone. Acting as a liaison for a variety of committees, task forces, and client boards, Sophie is highly skilled at coordinating meeting logistics and ensuring that those involved are set up to succeed. She is always happy to lend to a helping hand to a colleague.

Responsible for accounts payable, Sophie oversees paying invoices, organizing files, and preventing any hiccups in client accounts. She also acts as the executive assistant to our CEO, Jonathan Strauss, by managing his schedule, travel, and expenses. Sophie does it all and does it very well!

Sophie is very superstitious; she always knocks on wood and believes in the luck of four-leafed clovers.

When Sophie has downtime, she enjoys spending it with her friends and family or hanging out with her cats. Her favourite childhood memories are road trips to BC with her family, driving through the mountains and enjoying the scenery.

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