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Ryan K. Jones

Association Coordinator

[email protected]
(204) 975-8217

Ryan loves a good challenge and is always striving to optimize his processes. Those that work with him find his willingness and eagerness to learn new things impressive. He works remotely from Ottawa, and despite his distance, Ryan still makes a positive impact on the Strauss team’s day-to-day since October 2019.

Ryan’s is inspired by Simon Sinek’s TED talk. He discusses presenting what you do as why, how, what instead of what, how, why.

While balancing responsibilities for a variety of association clients, Ryan prides himself on his time management and his adaptability. After quickly learning about an unfamiliar industry, Ryan became acquainted with the association systems and developed strong relationships with a new board and new association members.

Friendly and outgoing, Ryan believes that good communication, planning, and organization are the keys to succeeding in his role. In addition to being bilingual, he has excellent problem-solving and critical thinking skills, allowing him to handle any member’s questions or concerns with ease.

When Ryan came to Strauss with a background in restaurant management, ski instructing, and construction, we knew he would succeed. Having a diverse background helps him achieve effective leadership, teamwork, and collaboration skills. In addition to holding a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Manitoba, Ryan has achieved certifications for food handling and skiing instruction.

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