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Ryan B. Haughey

Content Writer

Ryan has been assisting staff with blog writing, communications, and website content since August 2020. With a yearning for learning, Ryan is always excited to learn new skills, be it video production or social media management. This makes for a diverse toolbox of talents that Ryan brings to the table.

One of Ryan’s primary contributions to the Strauss team is writing and editing content with and for clients and staff, be it blogs, articles, or e-blasts. After honing his writing skills through reporting for a newspaper, editing for a literary journal, and freelancing as a content writer, Ryan joined the Strauss team and has been writing up a storm ever since. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Winnipeg majoring in Communications, with minors in Film and English.

When you call Strauss, Ryan is the first point of contact. His experience in Student Services helps him understand and navigate large and complex organizations and aid members and clients with a friendly demeanor. Ryan also assists Strauss staff with various association-related tasks involving communications; his work ethic and creativity enable him to collaborate with and support his colleagues to achieve success.

Ryan writes for various online and print music  publications. His hero is Canadian music journalism legend, Nardwuar the Human Serviette!

Outside office hours, Ryan loves to immerse himself in music. Whether it’s through writing and performing on guitar and piano, or hosting his weekly radio show on 101.5 UMFM, Ryan is always either listening to music or hearing it in his head.

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