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Poonam Chopra

Communications Specialist

(204) 947-9766 ext. 207

Seasoned and skillful, Poonam is Strauss’ marketing and communications expert. With over twelve years of experience in professional communications, she uses her love of writing and editing to help Strauss partners create engaging content. Poonam is always open to learning new things. Heading up marketing communications plans for association and event clients, Poonam’s adaptability allows her to find the right words for a diverse array of clients and partners.

Poonam has completed extensive education in strategic communication, public relations, marketing management, and business administration. Marketing has evolved over time, and Poonam has expanded her expertise from general marketing into a more specialized field to generate engagement between clients and their stakeholders. Poonam loves using her creative side to generate ideas, write copy, and yield results. She has previously worked in the hospitality industry as a marketing lead, the lottery and gaming industry as a visual design and communication specialist, and in the museum industry as a marketing coordinator. Her experience speaks for itself, and her work speaks even louder.

Poonam successfully launched a new restaurant with popular cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar. She was an integral part of the planning and execution of the launch’s marketing campaign.

With strong familial bonds, Poonam would do anything for her family – that includes both two-legged and four-legged. She has two adorable dogs that love to cuddle with each other and go on walks with their loving owner. Any activity she does must include her pups – whether it’s taking them on adventure walks in new places or cuddling up to watch a Marvel movie at home, her dogs are always nearby.

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