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Jessica R. Smilar

Event Coordinator

(204) 975 8204

With high attention to detail and strong interpersonal skills, Jessica lends her support to various association clients. As an event coordinator, Jessica assists in planning and executing several association events. Her ability to quickly process and retain vast amounts of information allows her to efficiently implement strategies and solve problems to help Strauss’ partners and clients thrive.

Jessica is enthusiastic about providing a great experience to all event stakeholders. She manages many detailed aspects of several events and can determine and fulfill the needs of Strauss’ clients. Jessica has a direct approach to her work: fully understand each task and take the necessary steps to achieve her goals while fixing any problems along the way. Her education in recreation management, community development, and hospitality and tourism management have helped her develop a strong toolkit that makes her a success with Strauss.

Jessica once booked, planned, and executed a 250-person wedding for a client in a one-month timeframe!

Past work experience in events and hospitality gave Jessica an insight into the world of events and planning and helped reassure her love for the field. Jessica makes a great impression on those she meets. She is witty, friendly, and team oriented. As a flag and touch football player, Jessica knows the value of a high-functioning team and the success teamwork brings.

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