Danielle Sanderson

Bilingual Association Coordinator


(204) 975-8215

As one of the bilingual members of team Strauss, Danielle is fully equipped to assist all French and English-speaking partners, clients, and members. She is trained in strategic planning and capable of in-depth research in the non-profit sector. A day in the life of Danielle consists of working with members of the Board of Directors, providing them with administrative, membership, and event support.

Danielle is a karaoke enthusiast, a bocce competitor, a student of yoga, and a salsa dancer – she knows how to have fun in any situation!

In previous positions, Danielle worked with diverse clients and industries, cultivating her appreciation for diversity and the urge to learn new things. She thrives within the buzz of events and is always excited to support board members in their goals for the upcoming seasons. With a passion for people, Danielle appreciates getting to meet all sorts of people and hear all their stories. Her pride in her work stems from the personal impact she’s been able to make in the lives of clients.

In addition to her high-level organizational skills, Danielle shifts between thinking about individual aspects and big picture in any situation. She also genuinely cares about the experiences of the people she is working with. Danielle enjoys the challenge of finding ways to assist people directly or connecting them with the resources that help them meet their goals.

Outside of her professional life, Danielle loves to read. If she’s not reading, she’s listening to an audiobook or a podcast. At home, Danielle is typically renovating something, but when she has time to relax, she spends it outside gardening, or writing short stories.