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Simplifying the Venue Selection Process

Your association may be in the habit of sending out Requests for Proposals for every event that you host, and we have written an article just for that purpose, What to Ask and How to Ask It , but often the RFP process is extremely time consuming and unnecessary. Through doing a venue screening as […]

Could You Be Saving Hundreds of Dollars and Trees? Analyzing Your Event Printing Budget

As event managers, we are always looking for ways to reduce costs for the association events we manage. Two areas that we have been looking at more closely are printing costs and the value of printed materials. Over the past year, we have noticed a significant shift in the amount of printed materials at events, […]

Managing Hotel Room Blocks

Every event planner will tell you that at some point in the planning process of their event the status of their hotel room block has kept them up at night. If you are planning a national or even a local event, managing a hotel room block will often be part of your responsibility. A room […]

Delegate Communication Leading up to Your Conference

As an event planner you are often responsible for the communication of delegate registration for the conference. You have all sorts of marketing tactics to entice potential delegates to register, but what happens once they’ve actually registered? Communication with your delegate after he or she has registered is just as important as the communication prior […]

Creating the Menu for Your Event

You may have seen a few of our earlier blogs, Breaking Down your Food and Beverage Budget and Satisfying Your Delegates Appetite: Creating Your Conference Menu on a Limited Budget. This blog will expand on those ideas and focus on tips for creating the menu for your signature event. As an event planner I know […]

On-site Communication at Your Event

You have worked tirelessly at organizing every last detail for your event and it all comes down to those few hours or days of programming. Although you may think that you have dotted all of the Is and crossed all the Ts, you still need to ensure your event flows smoothly and is executed as […]