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Simplifying the Venue Selection Process

Your association may be in the habit of sending out Requests for Proposals for every event that you host, and we have written an article just for that purpose, What to Ask and How to Ask It , but often the RFP process is extremely time consuming and unnecessary. Through doing a venue screening as […]

Five Things to Do During the Quiet Months

The crazy, busy event season has just wrapped up, all financials have been settled, and final reports have been submitted to the association leaders. Now what? It is difficult to switch gears and adjust to not having to work at such a hectic pace. Issues and client requests are not as pressing or time sensitive […]

A Focus on the New Attendee Experience

Generally association event managers focus on improving the event or conference based on previous years. They use post-event survey results to gain feedback from attendees and make slight changes based on that data – and this process works well. However, the focus is solely on existing event attendees and their impressions of the previous event […]

RFPs for Association Conferences – What to Ask and How to Ask It

One of the first steps in the association event planning process is venue selection. Whether the event is being planned for a local or national association, the need to book space early is often a requirement. Because of the growing availability and flexibility of meeting spaces, there will likely be a number of host venues […]

Could You Be Saving Hundreds of Dollars and Trees? Analyzing Your Event Printing Budget

As event managers, we are always looking for ways to reduce costs for the association events we manage. Two areas that we have been looking at more closely are printing costs and the value of printed materials. Over the past year, we have noticed a significant shift in the amount of printed materials at events, […]

Reading and Understanding AV Quotes

With new developments in technology and more options becoming available to association event managers, audiovisual (AV) is becoming an increasingly complex piece of the conference and special event planning process. However daunting it may appear, it is important to take the time to understand the various components that make up an AV quote and ensure […]

Working with the Association Planning Committee to Confirm Speakers

A number of key event planning tasks rely on a finalized program: marketing of the event, food and beverage planning, audio visual requirements, etc. Because of this, it is important to finalize the program as early on in the planning process as possible. The biggest component of finalizing a program generally revolves around speakers. How […]