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The Basics of Reading Association Financial Statements

Knowing the basics of reading the numbers on a financial statement is essential to understanding the financial health of an association. Many people admit that accounting is not their area of expertise and therefore leave it to others (or the auditors) to explain what they are seeing on the financial statements. With a few simple […]

A Focus on the New Attendee Experience

Generally association event managers focus on improving the event or conference based on previous years. They use post-event survey results to gain feedback from attendees and make slight changes based on that data – and this process works well. However, the focus is solely on existing event attendees and their impressions of the previous event […]

The Benefits of Supporting Higher Education for Your Association

Association Awards I recently attended an awards luncheon on behalf of one of our association management client for whom I serve as Association Manager. This association supports an annual award that recognizes students graduating from a technical program, and provides them with funds to purchase tools within their selected trade. The students are selected based […]

A Joint Venture Between Two Associations – Creating A Mutually Beneficial Partnership.

One of our association management clients has recently decided to join with another association on a new joint venture. This is a very exciting opportunity for both associations and their members. Our focus is to ensure that this joint venture is mutually beneficial for both associations and their respective members. The reason they are joining […]

Evaluating Your Association Management Company

Is your association management company doing what they are contracted to do in their scope of work? Are they doing it in the right way? How important are surveys? “What gets measured gets improved,” is management guru Peter Drucker’s answer. An annual survey of board members is a useful way to help your association management […]

RFPs for Association Conferences – What to Ask and How to Ask It

One of the first steps in the association event planning process is venue selection. Whether the event is being planned for a local or national association, the need to book space early is often a requirement. Because of the growing availability and flexibility of meeting spaces, there will likely be a number of host venues […]

The Importance of Role Clarity for Association Boards and Committees

I recently attended the Symposium for Chief Staff and Elected Officers led by Glenn Tecker and presented by the Canadian Society of Association Executives. This is an event that I attend each year with a volunteer leader from one of the associations that we manage as an association management company (AMC). While the content does […]