Rachel Westman

Rachel A. Westman – Event Manager


Rachel is a detail-oriented Event Manager at Strauss with demonstrated expertise in working with not-for-profit organizations.

  • Rachel has experience managing tight budgets for events, ensuring that clients get maximum value for the dollar.
  • She has experience in generating event-appropriate sponsorships and donations to help improve the bottom line and enhance the attendee experience.
  • Rachel is an expert at motivating event volunteers to new levels of performance.
  • Rachel brings exceptional communication skills and a commitment to customer service to each assignment, along with the ability to meet urgent deadlines.
  • She has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Winnipeg, specializing in marketing and international business.

One of the keys to success for an event is a high degree of volunteer engagement. As an active community volunteer myself, I know that when an organization’s volunteers are engaged, active, and they feel a sense of ownership, it has a direct impact on the experience of your guests.

Rachel A. Westman

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